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Friday, 20 April 2018

Friday Workbench 20 April

With the Sea Peoples army finished (group shots tomorrow!) I've been working on some small bits. During my breaks at work, and to a small extent in the evening, I have been prepping the figures I bought at Salute. All the 15mm figures are done now, and I've started work on the 28mm figures.

The SYW Russians are all on painting sticks now, ready for priming which I will probably get done tomorrow.

These will give me 4 more regiments of line infantry (the regiments I'm missing for Zorndorf), 3 more Cossack regiments and two more artillery bases & limbers, plus one more howitzer.

Yesterday evening I got the 3 bridges painted and finished them (drybrushing and flocking) this evening. The stone work was done with a medium grey base sponge-splotched with a couple of lighter greys and then washed with a couple of different browns.

I also added some green wash around the waterline but I don't think you can see it in these pics - I'll take some better ones tomorrow.

Apart from priming the Russians, this weekend will see me carrying on with doing small bits. I'll be painting the gates for Gaslands; re-doing the King of the Battlefield templates I painted a few weeks ago - they hadn't been varnished before they were used for the Easter Monday game and the paintjob got scuffed; and I'll be testing rust techniques, mainly for working on cars for Gaslands.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Finished: 15mm Sea Peoples Chariots, Generals and Baggage

After nearly 7 weeks, the odyssey that was painting my Sea Peoples army is finally at an end. Well, until I decide to add some more chariots and some archers so that I can use them as Philistines as well. Or to add some heavy chariots. Well, you know how these things go.

But the last few are done, and here they are. I will do a group shot of the whole army tomorrow or Friday.


Baggage element:


I'll be taking a short break from 15mm historicals to focus on some other things. Stay tuned to see what I'm doing.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Sunday Workbench 15 April

I've got a fair bit done today in the aftermath of Salute.

Sea Peoples

This morning I got the varnishing done on the chariots and ox cart.

They just need their crews now, speaking of which:

I haven't quite finished them - highlights, touch-ups and varnishing still to do. Also, I might try something a little delicate and fancy on the generals' armour; I haven't decided yet. I should get the painting finished tomorrow; the varnishing done on Tuesday and the basing on Wednesday, so watch this space.

Assembly and Priming

Last night, while watching TV and reovering from Salute I decided to assemble the MDF bridges from Warbases and the Gaslands gates. With the gates, I did make the mistake of starting to pop the hazard tokens out from the frame before realising that it would make them awkward to spray prime.

Once the bridges were assembled and the glue had dried I went over the road surface with Vallejo Dark Earth to give some texture and to fill the gaps between road sections. Note for next time - mix a little water into the Dark Earth when doing this - it will make it much easier to control.

The bridges still need to be primed - I'll probably take them into work and spray them during a lunch break.

As the weather was quite nice this morning (Spring at last! Hooray!) I took the gates and some other bits outside to spray prime.

King of the Battlefield templates and Gaslands hazard tokens:

Gaslands gates:

Some cheap diecast cars I'd disassembled and stripped during the week:

I'll be using these to test out different rusting and weathering techniques - I'll need a few rust-buckets for Gaslands.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Back from Salute

I've actually been back for a few hours, having left the ExCel centre a little after 2pm. I got there quite early and despite stopping for a coffee and to go to the toilet, I found myself about halfway along the first section of the (wide) queue and was sort-of able to watch how the queuing hall filled up. Some photos of the queue at different time points:

0933 ahead of me

0933 behind me

0943 ahead

0953 ahead

I did go with a plan - this year I'd start off by taking photos of all the games, going round the tables in order (to help keep the photos in order to ease identification later on), then doing the bloggers meetup at 12.30 before doing my shopping.

It started out well, but then I noticed that my battery seemed to be running low. I had put it on to recharge last night and it appeared to have done so. Maybe it is on it's last legs and it's time to buy a new one? By the time I'd got about halfway up the "C" column of games it was definitely at the point of running out and I had to hastily amend my plans. As I didn't take pics of many games, I probably won't do a post of the games.

I think annoyance at the battery running low might have resulted in me not really looking at any of the games tables beyond the ones I'd already photographed, so I ended up missing some very nice looking ones (from pics I've seen on other blogs).

12.30pm saw the xth annual bloggers' meetup. Numbers were low again - I blame Ray for leaving the publicity so late. However, a lot of the usual suspects were there and a couple of others: Ray & Postie, Legatus, Eric the Shed (with a big bag of plastic Normans from Conquest Games), Bob Cordery, Alastair, David Crook, Michael Awdry, Blax, Sidney Roundwood, Al, Big Lee, Simon Miller, Mike Whittaker, Carl. If I missed anyone, let me know in the comments.

Postie did take some pics with my camera, but they were all either fuzzy, had the bins in the way or only showed a small part of the group (admittedly that was because someone had already taken pics). I'm sure Ray someone will have the pics up on their blog before too long.

Before and after the bloggers' meetup I did do a fair bit of shopping. Perhaps not as much as I'd expected (and budgeted for) but more than I'd realised. All those small purchases soon add up. I also spent a bit of time chatting to various people I bumped into on the way round.

Well, what was my haul? Time for the loot pics!

All the swag:

Bases, bridges, casualty counters and bits

Pretty obvious what these are:

More SYW Russians (minus 4 packs of infantry that they are sending on next week).

Stuff for Gaslands:
MDF gates and hazard tokens (Products for Wargamers); dice from Magister Militum; templates and skid dice from the rules' author:
The MDF gates/hazard token kits are their original version - they've produced a newer kit but couldn't find them so I got the two kits (2 gates each) for £2 a pop.
Correction - the kits only do one gate each on closer inspection. Drat - I'll need to get another two at some point!But I will have more hazard tokens than even the most psychotic bunch of drivers could ever need (38 on each sheet)

Stuff for my WW2 New Guinea project:
Buildings from Sarissa Precision; Indepent Company Section, 3" mortar team and PIAT/Boyes teams from Warlord; box from Eureka (see below)

Top row - Aussies in slouch hats; middle row - Papuan troops (including stretcher team); bottom row - 15mm Ming arquebusiers and rocketeers plus some free chickens

Bits and bobs:
Dice bag, dice cup and Mongol yurts from Magister Militum; paints from Pendraken/Minibits; steel bases from Products for Wargamers; Kra'Vak grav bikes with dual riders from GZG.

Salute goodies:

Some light reading:

The book was a freebie from Bob Cordery - the first print run had a number of printing errors (blank pages in the wrong places) so he had a small stock with him to give away.

All in all, not a bad loot haul. There were a few things on my shopping list which I didn't buy either because the traders hadn't brought them to the show or because I forgot to visit the trader!

It also means that I've got plenty of lead to prep over the next few weeks, plus MDF kits to prime, paint and assemble (or prime, assemble and paint).

Thoughts on the show:

Lighting - it seemed a bit worse this year in most parts of the hall. I'm beginning to wonder if that might have been the cause of my camera battery running low so quickly?

Noise - the general buzz/hum seemed louder than normal. There were a few occasions when I couldn't quite catch what someone close by had said to me.

Flooring - the hard concrete floor was noticeable for me this year and my dodgy left hip was starting to ache by about 1pm (even with having taken painkillers).

Crowds - it seemed as busy as always, but the increased space in the aisles made it easier to get around. Sadly, that seems to be at the expense of space for some traders who ended up with very cramped stalls.

Traders - a lot of the regulars seem to have stopped attending (Leisure Games, Dave Thomas and S&A Scenics spring to mind). I suspect that they have found that they can't justify the costs for the amount of business they do on the day.

Games - the overall quality of the games that I did see this year seemed to be higher than the last couple of years, particularly with regard to signage and the terrain. There did appear to be a somewhat higher proportion of games being demoed by companies (rather than put on by clubs) than last year - that is a trend that is ongoing.

Will I go in future? - of course, so long as I'm still living in London and my dodgy hip holds up.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Friday Workbench 13 April

As I had a "finished" post on Wednesday, my midweek "workbench post had to be put back until today.

I got the painting of the chariot horses finished yesterday evening (I was out most of the day - birthday lunch with my brother and sister), but the varnishing had to wait until this morning.

After doing some chores, I made a start on the chariots and the ox-cart. And would you believe it, I finished painting them. They just need a coat of Klear (no ink!) and varnishing.

With the chariots out of the way, I have made a start on the crew figures and the oxen for the cart. I'll probably manage to get a little bit more done later this evening, but I don't expect to finish them until Sunday.

I was going to do the oxen white, but I quite like the colour they've come out after the wash, so I might just stick with that.


Of course, tomorrow is the biggie and I'll be up early to head down to the ExCel for Salute. I've got my shopping list, my ticket and the email confirmation of my Eureka pre-order.

Hopefully I'll see some of you there, at the bloggers' meetup (12.30pm - see my post from earlier this week for location) or around and about during the day.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Finished: 15mm Sea Peoples "Retinue Warriors"

And they're done. That was quite a marathon for this batch of figures, which leaves just the chariots, commanders (who are also in chariots) and the baggage element to do.

The "retinue warriors" are classed in ADLG as elite impetuous swordsmen which can be taken as either medium or heavy foot. So I decided to do both to give me options. I decided to just use 7 figures a base for the medium foot by dropping either a standard bearer or musician - those figures will be added to the command chariot bases.

Heavy Foot:

Medium Foot:

I've made a start on the horses for the chariots:

I have tried a slightly different method for these. For the white horses, I did a base coat of Iraqi Sand, followed by a brown ink wash, then a dry brush of Ivory and finally a glaze of white. I think that came out quite nicely. For the blacks I did my normal range of dark base colours (black-brown, black-red, dark Prussian blue, royal purple) followed by a black ink wash, then a black-grey dry brush and finished with a black glaze - with hindsight I might try a black basecoat, dry brush with the dark colours and finish with black glaze next time.

The yellow ochre on the cloths is a base for the final colours (and also to cover up where the washes splashed over).
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